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Nile dweller journal entry

February 5, 2020 by kylie22sw | 0 comments

Dear Diary,


Hi, I’m back. I just traveled from Giza. I had to travel to Giza to trade. I traded my instruments for money so i could have food on the table every day. My family is small, yet eats a lot. I normally don’t get as much as everyone else, because i wanted to have my live family and i want them to have a healthy, yummy life. My kids love when I come home with lots of food. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not. It just depends. Anyways, I was just thinking about my lute. It was my favorite instrument. But I had to trade it so we could eat. It was made of oak wood, not common for a lute. So it was worth a lot. I miss it all the time. At least i have a picture of it and me so i can remember it. My kids loved the songs it used to play. Oh the memories. But that was then, and this is now, so I’m just going to stop talking about it because I’m getting emotional.  


One time, i went to the Nile, down a little south, because that is where everyone likes to trade. I decided to sell my most recent instrument i made. It’s called a bongo. It’s like a little drum that you can carry on your shoulder. It has a sound hole in the bottom of it so it can make music. I saw this weird thing that was picking up water and transferring it to the crops on the farm. I turned it over to see if there was a price, and someone yelled “Don’t touch the shaduf! We need it to plant!” So I assumed it was something special and not for trade. So I decided to sell it to this weird guy named Jerry. I traded the bongo for a full corse dinner. A while after, Jerry took all of my credit and he said HE made the bongo. He became so rich. I still hate him to the gut this day. Well, I’m running out of ink, so I have to go. Talk soon!


                            Yours truly,


(Kylie Lewis)

Credit::Egyptian Loot Player by Unknown

February 4, 2020
by kylie22sw

The Disappearing Island

I got my inspiration from a picture of the smart board. I started by looking around the room because I needed inspiration. I looked up in front of me and saw a picture of an island. An image immediately popped up into my head. An island with two animals who didn’t like each other. Then I started brainstorming ideas. A fox and a turtle, two completely different animals. I wrote it all down. The pictures were my favorite part. I loved trying to draw new things. The part I didn’t really like was the writing. It made my hand so tired. And I had to do it twice. I had to do it on my rough draft and on my actual book. The challenging part was not messing up. Mrs Pugh said we only got one book, which made me really nervous.

My story is about two animals who hate each other. They get lost and there island starts to sink. They have to figure out why its sinking together before there island disappears forever.

I hope you enjoy reading my story.

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